• air caster transportation system is also known as “air caster”, “aircushion”, “air pallet”, “air bearings”, “luftkissen”.
  • which is designed for lifting, moving, and positioning of heavy loads.
  • Air caster function like “wheel”.
  • size and no. of casters determine energy for moving.
  • The principle of the function is to using air as an interface between load and floor while moving.
  • The goal is to eliminating gravity of heavy load, making movement easily.


  • Leight weight Water proof Need good floor

  • Heavy load High lift Water proof

  • Clearn room Gap crossing Need more air flow


  • Air Caster Controller


  • Air Caster Main Hose

    Main hose 1.5 inch

  • Air Caster Pipes

    Colorful pipes for safety handling

  • Air Caster Tool Box

    Tool box

Module set

12tons 24tons 36tons 48tons 60tons 120tons

1. With differenet sizes and no. of casters, the total capacity can be achieved.

2. Tool box ,connectors for air souces 0.5inch, 0.75 inch, 1.0 inch, 1.5 inch, loading plates, air casters, pipes, main hoses.

3. Special capacity on request.

4. Air supply HP approximate (weight * 1.3). (ex: 10 tons load need 13 HP air compressor).

5. Special load on request. Send email….

Plastic pallet

Price: 699 USD
Special offer: 499 USD (ex: work) (only for this month)
Minimum oder: 5pcs

Items Spec.
Air 2 HP or above
Size 1100*1100 mm
Capacity 1000kg
Main material Plastic
Aircushion 4 units
Floar Smooth and flat floor

Air pallets

Feature Many choice of combination of air casters, sizes, no. Can be square, or rectangular Like a tank goes through an un even surface of floor. Easy to operation for heavy load.

Items Spec.
Capacity 12 tons / 24 tons
36 tons / 48 tons
60 tons / 120 tons
material Stainless Steel
Length, no. of air casters, air caster type, can be any combination and optional.


  • Max. load
  • Max. load
  • Floor condition
  • Moving frequency
  • Application field
  • Experience of air caster
  • Budget
  • Urgent
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